The water heater is one of the essential appliances in any home. When it breaks down it can cause pipework problems for families and homeowners alike. So, here are some common issues with water heaters so you can feel prepared.

No Hot Water – When your water heater is not producing hot water, you should contact a professional plumber and schedule an appointment.

Limited Hot Water – Running out of hot water? This is one of the most common problems with water heaters.

Leak – Water heaters should not ever leak and if yours does, it can worsen very quickly. A leaking water heater could be a sign of a bigger problem and your tank may need replacing altogether.

Smelly Water – If you are finding that your water heater is starting to smell like rotten eggs, the water could potentially be infected with bacteria. But if the hot water itself smells, then this indicates a different problem. You should test a sample of cold water to rule out that it is an issue with the water heater.

Water Hammer – What is it?

Have you ever heard a knocking sound coming from within your pipes? It may not be those settling noises that you think it is. The knocking sound could potentially be an issue that needs to be fixed.

That knocking sound is commonly known as ‘water hammer’. This hammering sound occurs when water within the pipes either stops or changes its direction suddenly.

Water Hammer Pipework Problems

Ways You Can Fix Water Hammer

There are several ways you can stop water hammer and below are some suggestions for what may be the best action for the pipes within your home.

Repair any loose pipes – Investigate your pipework problems where it is easily accessible to check for any loose pipes. If your pipes have become loose over time, this could be causing an issue and therefore requires some repairs to prevent them from moving.

Add a Pressure Regulator – If there is pressure in your pipes this can result in the hammer sound within your pipework. If the pressure is higher than 30-55 psi, then there is a water pressure issue that needs attention. By adding a pressure regulator, this could protect your pipes and prevent water hammer from happening.

Air Chamber – An air chamber is only an option if you can locate the source of the knocking sound, if you are unable to then unfortunately this is not a suitable fix. By adding an air chamber, it will help to cushion any water redirection to prevent the water hammer sound. Air chambers need to be maintained every so often to keep it working properly.

Let Us Help with Your Pipework Problems

If you find yourself with a leaky water heater, water hammer, or other issues with your pipework, you need to speak with a professional plumber. At 24-7 Plumbing, we can cover all your plumbing needs from water heater replacement to kitchen sink repairs. Give us a call today to get more information about how our team can help or schedule an appointment.