Drain cleaning is one of the most basic maintenance practices every plumbing system needs. However, not many people understand it hence the struggle to make it part of life. However, with a few questions answered, homeowners will appreciate the need for adequate drain cleaning. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about draining cleaning in general. Learn more from what other people have asked and see if it makes a difference.

Questions About Drain Cleaning

 How can you tell that you are Dealing with a Clogged Drain Case?

Clogged drains can be a menace for any homeowner, so it is essential to identify and fix them. Fortunately, the signs and numerous and often open for all to see. You have to pay attention to the potential signs and know when and how to act depending on the sign presented. Common signs for a clogged drain include smelly drains and the toilet failing to flush, very slow draining, and plumbing gurgles. One other common sign of a clogged drain would be unexplained water puddles. It is best to call a professional drain cleaner to help fix the issue from the root whenever you notice these issues. Dealing with it without identifying the source correctly could trigger even more complex challenges.

Is it Right to Consider a DIY Chemical Drain Clean?

This is something many homeowners think is okay, but in a real sense, it can be dangerous. Not all chemicals are safe for drains, and one mistake can be hazardous. Besides causing serious damages to your drain, such chemicals can cause disastrous effects on your health. What’s more, they are not necessarily effective. You will also notice that you may have to change your pipes sooner than is necessary if you keep cleaning the drains with chemicals because they will erode a lot faster. Rather than risk all this, it is better to work with professionals who understand how best to clean drains with minimal issues.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning

Are There Specific Reasons Why Drains Clog?

Definitely! Drains will not clog out of the blues. In most cases, they are triggered by specific things. Some of the most common are soap, dirt, hair, and grease or oils. These often happen in the bathroom and kitchen drains. However, they are not the only reasons why drains clog. Other reasons include pet litter, especially cat litter, accidentally flushed female hygiene products, diapers, and plant/leaves.

None of the mentioned issues are behind the clogged drains, yet the drains experience consistent draining. In such cases, it is advisable to have the experts check for mineral buildup because they could be behind the clogging. Therefore, it is always advisable to have experts clean and flush off any buildup that could be causing the slow draining.

Is it Necessary to Schedule a Drain Cleaning?

Yes. This is for your good. How frequently you do this differs, depending on where you are, how much you use the drains and the type of water you use. Most homeowners are under the impression that drains should only be cleaned when clogged. Far from it, though, the best time to clean drains is every one to three years, depending on the mentioned factors. Waiting until there is an actual blockage can be a little bit too late and will certainly cost you more. Do not risk this, as it may mean dealing with more complex drain issues.

Do I Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

Yes, you do. In most cases, the professionals understand how to clean your drains as they should be cleaned. As a result, you can ensure that the bad odor will go away. It will also ensure that the possibility of future clogs is significantly reduced.