Why Is Commercial HVAC Repair Important?

Whatever the nature of your Indiana business, it needs to be cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and to have proper airflow and air quality.  Otherwise, customers or clients won’t be inclined to come in or linger, and the environment won’t be pleasant for workers, either. This means that commercial HVAC repair services are usually on the top of any owner’s list. They won’t even be able to function at peak efficiency and might even get sick from bacteria and allergens in the air producing flu-like symptoms, allergic reactions, and respiratory tract infection.

Therefore, your business establishment needs well-functioning commercial air conditioning and commercial heating, and that in turn requires regular professional maintenance and occasionally repair (although repairs should be relatively rare if you’re faithful about the maintenance schedule.) Call today if you need commercial HVAC repair services near Indianapolis.

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To keep the furnace operating properly through the cold winter months, the experts recommend scheduling an inspection and maintenance every fall. This should prevent problems and save you money on commercial heating furnace repair.

These are some warning signs that the furnace is indeed in need of repair:

  • The heater won’t turn on or off

  • The heater turns off before the room gets warm

  • The heater makes odd noises or gives off peculiar smells

  • A gas burner flame is yellow instead of blue

Commercial HVAC Repair: Commercial AC Repair

Just as you should schedule a fall maintenance appointment to keep your heating equipment working properly through the winter, you should schedule a spring maintenance appointment to keep your commercial air conditioning system working properly through the summer.

These are some signs that your commercial AC is in need of repair or possibly even replacement:

  • The air conditioning won’t turn on or off

  • The AC switches off before the room is cool

  • The air conditioning makes funny noises or gives off strange smells

  • There’s ice or Freon anywhere around the unit

Many experts recommend replacing commercial air conditioning systems every 10 years. As with replacing a heating system, there’s a good chance you’ll see a gain in energy efficiency to offset the cost of the investment.

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If you live in Westfield IN (or the neighboring communities of Indianapolis, McCoordsville, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Noblesville, Hamilton County, etc.) and you’re in need of commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, or a new heating or cooling system, we invite you to contact 24-7 Plumbing today. Our trained, certified, licensed, and insured technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle any and all commercial HVAC needs. We do quality work at a price that will fit your budget, and we guarantee our work.


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