What Is Open Trench Excavation?

Open trench excavation is the old-fashioned way of repairing a sewer line and may be the one you immediately think of when picturing such work. Workers dig up the damaged sewer line and manually install new pieces of pipe. This method of sewer line repair and replacement was indicated in cases of heavy root blockages, severely broken pipes, and collapsed pipes.

Times have changed, however, and new developments have given us new sewer line repair options. Generally speaking, among its other benefits, trenchless sewer repair results in reduced sewer line repair cost. That’s because open trench work takes more time, digging, and restoration. Workers may even have to remove sidewalks and other pavement.

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Unfortunately, though, there are circumstances in which open trench excavation is the only feasible way of approaching sewer line repair and replacement. Here are the three major reasons it’s still in use:

Excavation, Engineering, and Design

Some sewer lines are simply constructed in a way that requires open trench excavation for sewer line repair and replacement. One example is the pipe that developed a sewer line belly (a dip or low spot in the pipe) When a sewer line belly is present, the best fix is generally to remove the old pipe, dig down deeper, and lay down an aggregate base that will prevent a new pipe from sagging into the same shape.

New Pipes That Can’t Be Pulled Through

Trenchless sewer repair often involves pulling a new pipe through the existing cavity. That isn’t always possible. Couplings refuse to break apart, or the fastening materials around the joints of the old pipes turn out to be too strong and thick, to the point where the pulling ram stalls. When that proves to be the case, workers have to dig the old sewer line up.

Open Trench, Utilities, and Safety Concerns

Are there a lot of utilities (like electric, gas, water, and fiber lines) around the site of the sewer line repair ad replacement? If there are, they’re potentially dangerous, and open trench excavation is a far better option than trenchless sewer repair for keeping everyone safe.

Do You Need Open Trench Excavation for Sewer Repair

Do You Need Open Trench Excavation for Sewer Repair?

It can be difficult for a non-expert to determine if he or she needs open trench excavation to effect safe, effective sewer line repair and replacement at a Westfield, IN home or place of business. Fortunately, the experts at 24-7 Plumbing have the know-how to advise you and can perform open trench excavation or any sort of sewer line repair or other plumbing job. We’re licensed, highly trained, and use state-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials to do the job quickly while also doing it right. We invite you to give us a call.