When Sewer Line Repair Needs Attention

Sewage is dirty, foul smelling, a breeding ground for germs, and generally obnoxious. That’s why sewer line repair is important in maintaining a safe, pleasant  IN home. We can all agree that a sewer line must work efficiently to carry sewage away.

Unfortunately, like everything else built by human hands, sewage systems occasionally stop working. That’s when you need a reputable, knowledgeable sewer company to perform sewer cleaning or sewer repair. 24-7 Plumbing Heating and Cooling prides ourselves on being just such a sewer service, but before we lay out our qualifications and credentials, here’s some basic information on what causes sewer problems and the signs that such problems are on the way.


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A home sewer is the 5 ft. of pipe outside the house. It’s generally from 4 inches to 6 inches across and made of clay tile, cast iron, or PVC. One common problem requiring sewer cleanout or sewer line repair is a soft blockage. Material that has gone down the pipe has lodged there, possibly in combination with natural solids, and the result is a clog. The material often includes toilet paper, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, and wipes. (Naturally, you’re less likely to experience this sewer line cleanout issue if you exercise good judgment as to what belongs down a sewer drain and what doesn’t.)

The weather can also cause sewer repair issues. Freezing and thaws makes the soil shift, and the sewer pipe moves with it. That can crack it or cause a separation. Like everything else, sewer lines deteriorate over time. Eventually they can become corroded, cracked, or otherwise damaged, and that can in turn produce a blockage. Naturally, the older the home or commercial building, the more likely this is to occur

Finally, tree roots can intrude on a sewer line. Clay tile pipes are particularly vulnerable to this because they have joints every 2 to 4 inches, and the joints are vulnerable points of entry. In addition to damaging the pipe, the roots create a blockage or possibly tear the pipe apart entirely and make the main sewer line back up. (Planting trees and bushes well away from the sewer line makes it less likely this particular sewer repair issue will occur.)


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How Do You Know You Have Sewer Line Problems?

If you hear strange gurgling noises from your toilet, if the toilet doesn’t have water, if the bathtub drains slowly or not at all, you smell a sewer smell, or you actually see sewage backup in the toilet or tub, it’s time to call the sewer company.


Our licensed, highly experienced sewer repair experts are second to none. We give free estimates and are available at any time of the day or night. Our training keeps us current on all technical advances, local regulations, and environmental issues, and we’re committed to fast, high-quality work, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a sewer camera, a sewer snake, a sewer jetter, or some other tool, you can count on us having the latest and best equipment to do your home sewer repair or your commercial sewer cleaning right.

We also handle backwater valve installation, overhead sewer installation, sump pump and ejector pit installation, televising, and electronic locating. Additionally, when it’s necessary to dig a trench, we do it ourselves instead of outsourcing the work to another company. That’s important because it holds down the price the customer pays.

In short, 24-7 Plumbing Heating and Cooling stands ready to provide a fast, effective remedy for any sewer line repair problem at a fair and competitive price. When any such problem arises, give us a call.

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