What Determines Sewer Line Repair Cost?

Sewer line repair costs can run as little as a few hundred dollars or cost as much as several thousand. The price depends on multiple factors. These include the nature of the problem, how the sewer line runs through your property, existing access to the sewer line, and property features like landscaping and foundations.


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To give you your sewer line repair cost options and sewer line repair cost estimate, plumbers using modern methods first conduct a sewer line inspection using a video camera on a cable. This allows them to find out exactly what’s wrong and precisely where the problem is located without the necessity of digging. Then they can recommend an effective and relatively inexpensive solution.

Problems That Can Require Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Sewer line bends can disrupt the smooth, steady flow of wastewater and solids on which the proper functioning of a sewer line depends Shifting of the surrounding soil can cause a sewer pipe to bend.

There are any number of causes for sewer pipe clogs. They can result from bends, collapses, or the intrusion of tree roots, mud, and stone into the line. Whatever causes them, they have to be cleared for the sewer line to do its job.

When you have a sewer line collapse, the sewer pipe has failed completely, perhaps due to age, damage over the course of years, corrosion, and general decay. No matter why the collapse happened, it’s a plumbing emergency, and you’ll want to have it seen to without delay. Signs of a sewer line collapse include gurgling noises in drains, backed-up basement drains, other drains backing up or running slow, toilet bowl levels that rise and fall for no apparent reason, the smell of sewage in the house, raw sewage on the ground outside, and soggy areas or even sinkholes appearing suddenly on the property.

Sewer line cracks allow wastewater to escape where it shouldn’t go and facilitate the intrusion of mud, stone, and tree roots into the sewer pipe.

When a sewer line breaks, that’s another emergency requiring immediate professional attention. Sewer lines can break due to extreme corrosion or calcification and scale among other reasons. When they burst, there can be clogged drains, sewer backflow, and landscape flooding among other issues.

Many of us associate corrosion only with rust. But sewer bacteria can also produce corrosion in metal and concrete, and as noted above, corrosion is a problem in sewer pipes. When corrosion is the issue and sewer line replacement is in order, homeowners and business may want to consider PVC and ABS plastics. They aren’t susceptible to corrosion due to microbial action.

Broken sewer pipes may not cause major problems at first, and so some homeowners and businesses put off dealing with them. That’s not a good idea, though, because you can depend on the problems to worsen over time. Signs that you might have a broken sewer pipe include decreased water pressure or flow, peculiar noises coming from pipes, bad smells coming from plumbing fixtures, and frequent sewer clogging or backups.

Collapsed sewer pipes require immediate attention from professionals. If you’ve got one, you’re likely to notice plumbing isn’t draining, plumbing fixtures are behaving oddly, and there’s a backflow of dirty wastewater in toilets and drains.

Cracked sewer pipes inevitably give rise to problems over time. Happily, they can often be addressed without digging via the methods of trenchless sewer repair.

Sewer pipe corrosion results slowly over time in metal and concrete due to the metabolism of sewer pipe bacteria. Unfortunately, by the time this produces overt problems, damage may be widespread and sewer pipe replacement the only option. Should this prove to the case, however, at least new pipes made of PVC or ABS plastics can keep the corrosion problem from happening again.


There are three major methods of sewer line repair:

  • Spot sewer pipe excavation and repair. This can be the remedy of choice if only a small section of pipe is compromised. We dig down to that particular place and that place only, manually replace the damaged section of pipe, and refill the excavation.

  • Sewer line excavation and repair. If the trouble is more extensive, it’s conceivable that the proper solution will be to dig up and replace the entire length of sewer pipe despite the complications this may entail depending on whether landscaping is in harm’s way or the sewer line runs under pavement or an existing structure.

  • Trenchless sewer repair. Because of the complications and the added time, labor, and expense of traditional sewer line excavation and repair, trenchless sewer repair is often the preferred alternative. When possible, it fixes the sewer line without the necessity of digging it up. Trenchless sewer repair methods include feeding a new liner through compromised pipe or a device that bursts old pipe and then pulls a new pipe into place.

Only skilled, reputable professionals can properly assess the sewer repair needs of your residential home or place of business. 24-7 Plumbing Heating and Cooling can recommend the right repair strategy, then do the work quickly, effectively, and affordably. At 24-7 Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on being such a plumbing company, and when you need us, we invite you to give us a call.


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