When the weather starts getting warmer again, it is time to switch on the AC after months of being dormant and unused. Spring ushers the first signs of the AC getting back in use as summer comes around the corner. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the AC is ready for the challenging task ahead. This is the only way to ensure it does not get overwhelmed or break down when you need it most. Therefore, there are a few things you must do as preparation. Keep reading for 5 of the essential AC tips that will come in handy during the warmer seasons of the year.

Top 5 AC Tips For Spring

Check the Unit Outside

The outdoor unit must inspect before you start using the air conditioning unit regularly. There is a likelihood that debris and dirt may have accumulated over the AC was dormant. Get rid of any debris accumulated over winter since sticks tend to collect and settle around the outdoor unit. Failure to remove this debris could cause the unit to break down because of the restricted airflow. You also don’t want the AC to 0verwork as it attempts to compensate for the poor airflow just because the outdoor unit is blocked.

Spring is the perfect time to invite your HVAC technician to inspect the entire system and carry out preventive maintenance that will ensure your unit is in its top shape for months. If you suspect that dirt may have found its way inside the outdoor unit, consider having the specialist come over to inspect and clean the unit thoroughly before the hot season is here in full swing. You do not want to deal with increased heat levels without a working HVAC system.

Check Filters and Swap Them Accordingly

Clogged filters can also affect the efficiency of the AC. To prevent any issues resulting from poor airflow, make sure to change filters regularly. This will depend on the condition in the area. For example, if you live in a dusty area, you may change the AC filters more frequently than those in a less dusty area. The important thing is always to inspect the filters and set reminders if you are likely to forget. It is incredible how a simple something like changing AC filters makes a huge difference with your AC unit’s efficiency.

Consider Using Programmable and Smart Thermostats

There is a good reason why many homeowners are moving to smart and programmable thermostats. Gone are the days when dial-up thermostats that required physical presence to tune were the only available options when setting your thermostat. Today, with improved technology, it is possible to set your thermostat remotely and control the setting away from home.

This makes it easy to regulate the energy consumption used to power the AC, not to mention that this could also help prevent the AC from overworking. If you are going for convenience and comfort, then investing in a smart thermostat or at least a programmable one is something you need to explore with a lot of seriousness. The good news is that your HVAC professional can help you choose the right thermostat for your current HVAC unit, so you don’t have to worry about changing the entire unit.

Prioritize Regular Maintenance

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure your AC works perfectly is to ensure that you invest in regular maintenance. This means you need to have an expert come over to check that the unit is in good working condition. It also means that you have to service the unit and change components that will affect the AC’s efficiency. Make sure to work with professional HVAC experts to achieve this goal.

Test the HVAC System

Every time you make changes in preparation for the hot season, make sure to put the AC to the test before the actual season comes. Fine-tuning is important because your HVAC technician also tests and tries the unit extensively. Do not skip such tests because they’ll come in handy at some point in time.