Fall Plumbing Tips for Fishers IN Winters

Fall is a season of transition. It reminds us of the inevitability of change. The warm autumn colors of brown, orange, and red are visually pleasing and push our minds to imagine. The crunching leaves on our feet serve as a reminder that life is brief, people and things come and go. As the temperatures cool from the heat of summer, fall is the best time to have family and friends over for some barbecue outdoors. While you are encouraged to reminiscence about the joys of summer, it is important to prepare for the coming winter.

Winter is the harshest time of the year. One would be forgiven for thinking it is the time we are meant to atone for our sins. We are forced to stay indoors due to the extreme cold. In order to come out unscathed, preparation is key. Even animals of the wild like bears and squirrels prepare for the long dark winter. One important aspect of preparing for winter is readying your plumbing system for freezing temperatures.

The sudden and extreme drop in temperature experienced during winter can wreak havoc on any plumbing system. This is the case especially for domestic plumbing. The importance of a functioning plumbing system during winter cannot be overemphasized. Running water is necessary to wash, keep the toilet working, and cook. Hot water to radiators is used to keep the home warm. If any of these systems fail, there will be dire consequences. Depending on the severity of the winter storm, failure of plumbing can be life-threatening.

To avoid the inconveniences and risks of a broken plumbing system during winter, prepare your plumbing. The checking and preparation are best done by professionals as there is no room for error. We have experienced and friendly plumbers who will get your systems ready to go through winter without a hitch. In this article we have highlighted the five fall plumbing tips to you must keep in mind when preparing your home for winter.

1. Service, Inspect, and Clean the Water Heater

As the temperatures starts falling, your household will utilize the water heater more. There is an increased likelihood that the heater will break down due to overuse. To make sure the heater can handle the increased workload, service, inspect, and clean it during fall.

2. Prepare the Sewer System

It is ironical that though the sewer system is used daily, it is the one that is most likely to be overlooked when preparing for winter. Since most, if not all, members of your household will spend most of winter indoors, a functioning sewer system is vital. We recommended you have us send you a licensed plumber to inspect your home sewer system for any blockages or leaks and address them appropriately. Though it is possible to do the inspection yourself, chances of you missing something are very high.

Fishers IN Top 5 Fall Plumbing Tips

3. Insulating is a great Plumbing Tip

All pipes in non-heated spaces are at risk of bursting when the water in them freezes and expands. To protect the pipes from below zero temperatures, ensure they are all insulated. Looking for more plumbing tips? Keep reading.

4. Check the Outdoor Pipes and Faucets

Compared to the indoor plumbing, outdoor pipes and faucets are more likely to freeze and burst. Locate and shut valves supplying water to the external plumbing system. Disconnect water hoses from spigots and drain them before you stow them away. Ensure as much water as possible has been drained from the outdoor pipes and faucets, a suction mechanism will help. Remember, the water that remains in the pipes and faucets will be the primary cause of damage. You can also insulate the pipes as an extra layer of caution.

5. Seal Gaps

Inspect the holes through which the plumbing passes through walls, roofs, and floors. These holes are made by plumbers during installation then sealed with caulk. The holes might enlarge over time and during winter they will let cold drafts into your residence. This may freeze the plumbing system and cause damage. In case of any gaps, seal them with caulks or weather strips.

Contact The Plumbing Experts

Fall plumbing tips and maintenance may seem to be a lot of pointless work but it is better than having to deal with winter damage to your home plumbing system. If you are in Fishers, IN and you need any help, contact us and we will send licensed and experienced plumbers your way.