It’s necessary to hire a plumber at some point, no matter if you own a new house or an old house. Appliances may break over time and can cause issues in a household. Here’s what you need to know.

Hire A Plumber Near Westfield IN

The Process of Becoming a Legal Plumber

Before you hire a plumber, it’s important to know the different levels that plumbers go through. Every plumber needs to have knowledge of math, problem-solving, and mechanics. The lowest level is “apprentice plumber”. They work in the classroom while also doing on-the-job training on the side. In Indiana, a plumber only needs 4 years of plumbing apprenticeship experience to move up. Working with a professional plumber gives the apprentice an opportunity to learn everything about plumbing while working with different plumbing jobs that are always changing.

Next is a “journeyman plumber”. This title describes a person with 4-to-5 years as an apprentice who is now a position higher.  Most states require completion of an exam, and on-going education to get a license renewal. The highest status a plumber can be is the “master plumber”. After the person works as a journeyman, they can then move up to master plumber.

Why It’s Important to Hire A Plumber with A License

It’s important to make sure you hire a licensed plumber because if you don’t it can cause issues. If the plumber doesn’t do the work the right way, it can cause dangerous problems, such as fire or leaking.  People without a license don’t go through the whole education process, which results in them not having a lot of knowledge about plumbing. Rather than undergoing proper training, some opt to simply register with the state and commence plumbing work without adequate knowledge.

The Job of a Plumber

Plumbers can handle any task because they carry all the supplies and tools they will ever need. Plumbers know how to repair and replace toilets, faucets, valves, tankless water heaters, and water lines on the inside and outside of the home. The plumber will also give you tips to prevent issues in the future, and also explain things to look for that can be the beginning of a problem. Feel free to ask them any questions you have, as it makes their visit even more worthwhile.

Hire A Plumber with Bonded and Liability Insurance

A plumber is supposed to be bonded and insured. A good plumber usually obtains both to protect himself and his clients. Make sure to ask for proof of insurance and bonding before you choose to hire the person. Commercial liability insurance is made to cover claims related to property damage or bodily injury. The surety bond pays for what the liability insurance isn’t made to cover. The bond usually covers the cost of repairing the job if the plumber does horrible work. It can also take care of any damages that occur due to the person’s illegal practices.

Hire A Plumber with Bonded and Liability Insurance

What You Need to Know About Payment

It’s good to ask when payment is due and to know the total cost so you can pay him on time. The job is quoted as a flat rate. The plumber will sometimes add a clause in their contract that says the homeowner will pay for any reasonable costs that can happen while finishing the job, and the amount of money can increase if the job runs longer than expected.  Some services may offer cleanup for an extra fee above and beyond the work they are doing. You can choose to pay the additional fee, cleanup yourself, or hire a cleanup service.

Hiring Multiple Plumbers to Do One Job

Also ask if the plumber is doing the work, or if he will hire someone else to do the job instead. Smaller companies usually have the same person that estimates and also does the job. Many large companies hire multiple plumbers and someone else to do the work. If a person other than the one making the estimate is doing the work, ask for information about their training and experience. A reliable plumbing company will understand your concern and can provide you with the details.

Hire A Reliable Plumber

First of all, make sure that the contractor’s work is a guarantee. Always find out specifics before you sign a contract. Make sure everything is in writing and keep it in a place where you can find it if you ever need more work done. And last but not least, make sure the plumber has references. A good plumber is capable of giving you the names of satisfied customers who he’s worked with in your area. One person’s bad experience does not mean that you will also have a horrible experience.

It’s important to know all this information to hire a good plumber. Make sure to do your research beforehand.